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Why Choose CAXTON

Experience world-class services that you can rely on.

Quick Delivery

Using our network of logistics parties, we will find the most efficient route to get your products to where it is needed.

24 Hour Support

We have an international team across Europe and Asia, so we can cover the major time zones. We will aim to respond to your query within two hours.

We are your partners

Your business and your cargo is important to us. 

We will ensure we get the best rates with shipping lines which we can pass on to you thereby boosting your P&L


Caxton seeks to fully manage shipments for SMEs that are seeking substantive cost reductions in their import and export activities.


By maintaining relationships with many other freight forwarders, airlines, road haulage companies, ocean freight providers, ship owners as well as global 3PL companies, Caxton seeks to take the stress out of price discovery and negotiation for SMEs and offer an efficient service to our clients.


Caxton’s goal is to remove the stress out of logistics planning and execution for our clients and act as a partner with our clients in order to achieve a long-term sustainable relationships.

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